A 2 yard skip hire in Sandwell  is the ideal skip if you are planning a small project its the perfect solution for waste removal. The 2 yard mini skip is small, however it is able to hold the equivalent of 25 full black bags worth of waste. The 2 yard skip is often referred to as a mini skip, that's because of its small size. A 2 yard mini skip is popular in Sandwell among domestic households in Birmingham and surrounding areas, but also can be suited to commercial sites. But with all the above in mind its cost efficient if your on a budget and don't have much waste. A mini skip is small as its only 2 yards so therefore only requires a small space. So this is the perfect size skip if  there is a restriction of space. Our 2 yard mini skips are an affordable rubbish removal solution, this is why they are so popular in and around the area. Call us freephone 08007747109

Is a mini 2 yard skip suitable for my requirements 

As mentioned above, this small skip is suited to all your smaller jobs. A mini skip is able to hold up to 25 black bags and is best suited to small DIY or Domestic projects. As a general rule, we suggest that you overestimate the amount of waste you have to clear. How many times have you hired a skip and when your filling it you come a cross more waste then what you thought you had! so in the long run you will save on budget and time by ordering the bigger skip first time around. Its important that you always follow our skip guidelines, as if you overfill a skip you may be subjected to additional charges or the risk of our drivers removing some waste to bring it back to fill level and to make it safe to transport on the lorry. 

If the mini skip is placed on public highway then yes we need to apply for a skip permit from Sandwell council or Birmingham. If the skip is going on private land then you don't need a permit as its not owned by the council. 

Our in house booking system allows us to book your skip hire in for a time that is convenient to you, we also offer same day delivery or next day. You can book our skip hire on telephone or via our online contact form above or by text message.

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