Recycling Service In Birmingham

We recycle all of the waste materials which enter our recycling centre in Smethwick Birmingham. We recycle wood, paper, cardboard, plastic, metal, soil, rubble. If you are unsure on whether your waste can be recycled, feel free to contact us.
Plastic Recycling

Whilst cardboard is relatively uncomplicated in it’s recycling process, plastic proves to require a more specialist process in order to ensure limited contamination and effective recycling. There are many types of plastic polymers such as LDPE, HDPE, PP, PVC, PS & ABS. These all should be processed separately and graded.
Cardboard Recycling

We can handle all your cardboard recycling needs. We offer commercial recycling services for a number of clients in Birmingham looking to streamline their on site waste. We offer on-site skips. We have comprehensive cardboard sorting and baling systems at our Smethwick Birmingham site. Call us today on 01217771771